Best seller – Book review by Gary Metcalfe FCMI, FIC

Communicate to Inspire – A Guide to Leaders by Kevin Murray, Kogan Page, ISBN 978-0749468149

The title of this book Communicate to Inspire is a bit misleading as I initially thought it was about communication. Well it is but it is also one of the best books I have read this year on inspirational leadership. It is an all-round book on leadership but the author gives the clear message that the key to inspiring leadership is communication.

Let me pick out some of the headlines from this book and you will see what I mean:
Conversations drive change
Create space for meaningful conversations
Positive emotions drive better performance
Transparency has changed the nature of leadership
Map your purpose and values to the organisations purpose and values
Use external perspectives to shape internal ones
Engage (customers) through powerful conversations
(Be) audience-centric
Be a listening leader
Have a point of view (and make that a) thought leadership programme

The final part of the book makes the reader think about their own leadership inspiration quotient. This is a thought provoking insight into leadership using communication as the key. It is full of ideas and tools and as you read it I am sure you will reach the same conclusion as me – “it is all common sense, so why don’t more leaders work in this way”.

Do you want to be a transformational leader? Then this is the book for you.

5 stars ***** and a must for all leaders – new and ‘old’.

Video: Communicate to Inspire – A Guide for Leaders – Kevin Murray talks about his book Communicate to Inspire, an essential manual for all aspiring leaders based on lessons from top CEOs.