Adventures in writing

It has been just four months since my book, The Language of Leaders, was published – and it has achieved more than I ever dared to hope.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy! I hope you derive huge value from your investment. Most of all, I hope the book achieves its purpose – which is to help you to become a better leader, by helping you to be a more inspiring communicator.

There is a common theme in the many letters and emails I have received from readers: they say the wisdom of the 60 leaders I interviewed for the book has produced insights that they return to over and over again.

Perhaps it is for this reason that The Language of Leaders has already been reprinted after selling out the first print run? The book reached Number 7 on the W H Smith business book charts, on sale in airports and stations throughout the UK and around the world. Also, it got to Number 12 (out of 6,500) on the Amazon leadership books chart, and continues to sell well online, where electronic copies are also available.

I have given dozens of talks on the findings in my book, to more than 2,000 people now, and I continue to receive invitations to speak at a wide range of events. In the next two months I will be speaking to the leadership teams of a number of companies, as well as at events at the Institute of Directors, the Oxford Literary Festival, the Emirates Dubai Literary Festival, the Warwick Business School and the Windsor Leadership Trust.
Everywhere I go, people ask me if I blog about the book, and about leadership communication. Until now, my answer has been no, but I would think about it.

However, I can resist no longer, and this week submitted myself to some training from the experts in our digital team at Bell Pottinger, to enable me to blog regularly.

In this blog, I will write about the major themes in the book, about the questions you ask when I am on public platforms, and share some of the inspirational stories I hear from members of the audience. Hopefully, you’ll give me your views and we can get a good conversation going…

Stay tuned… next time I will talk about the X-factor I see in many successful leaders.