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Formerly a journalist, publisher, marketing director, communications and PR director, business CEO and Chairman. An avid book reader, golfer, film lover and story teller.

Kevin is author of three business books – “People with Purpose”, ”The Language of Leaders” , and “Communicate to Inspire” . People with Purpose was published in February 2017 and features exclusive interviews with CEO’s, neuroscientists, and psychologists and gives every leader an insight in to how to use purpose to encourage super performance.

He has interviewed more than 100 CEO’s on how to be inspiring, speaks at conferences and leadership events around the world, and does exclusive leadership coaching.

Kevin is also a special adviser to the Chime Group, a London-based, international marketing services company. He has been with Chime since 1998. As a consultant, he specialises in strategic and leadership communications and business clients. He was chairman of the Bell Pottinger Group prior to the buyout of Bell Pottinger companies from Chime in 2012, when he then set up and chaired The Good Relations Group for Chime. He has worked with the CEOs and leadership teams of many global companies, across a wide range of sectors, for more than three decades.He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute.



Kevin’s work on leadership is underpinned by in-depth research, giving it real authority in a field where opinion and buzzwords are often a substitute for data-based research and rigorous thinking. In the course of writing his first two books he interviewed more than 100 CEO’s for their wisdom and learning, measured the skills of 1000 senior managers and surveyed 8,000 workers on what it takes to be inspirational.

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NEW BOOK: "People with Purpose"

People with Purpose BookKevin’s latest book, “People with Purpose” is about how great business leaders use purpose to power what he calls “super performance”. It is also about the wider concept of what it takes to give people a sense of purpose.

The book has received powerful endorsements from business leaders, including Stuart Rose (ex-M&S boss), who said, “It’s a book I wish I could have read 30 years ago.” Ernst & Young’s Valerie Keller (Executive Director, Global Markets) said, “This timely read advances the global purpose movement from talk to walk.”

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It follows his first two – best-selling – books, “The Language of Leaders” and “Communicate to Inspire”.

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