My work on leadership is underpinned by in-depth research, giving it substance in a field where opinion and buzzwords are often a substitute for data-based research and rigorous thinking. In the course of writing my books I interviewed more than 100 CEO’s for their wisdom and learning, measured the skills of 2000 senior managers and surveyed 8,000 workers on what it takes to be inspirational.

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Research into “Purpose”
My latest research is into why purpose is so important and effective – for individuals, teams and organisations. This research taps into the strong, current and growing debate on this subject among businesses, their stakeholders and observers. An old truth is being re-discovered and this research unveils the deeper issues beneath the soundbites. I set about identifying and researching the key criteria which are essential for a thriving and purposeful organisation.

My research underpins his new book, “People with Purpose”, key findings of which include:

  • The nature of the gap between how managers see themselves as leaders and how their employees do
  • What behaviours employees want from their bosses
  • How neuroscience validates the importance of purpose
  • How the debate about short-termism is being distorted
  • The growing support for integrated company reporting


New research tool
Working with the YouGov polling agency I researched 1884 managers and 2100 employees, as well as conducting 30 face to face interview with CEOs.

With YouGov I devised a “Purpose-Focused” polling method and approach which has been patented and which is now available as a powerful research tool for individual CEOs and companies.

“While it is valuable to understand current trends and insights, all senior managers are mainly interested in the performance of their own businesses. Now they can use a range of Purpose-Focused criteria to develop strategies and improve performance among leadership teams and throughout their organisations.”

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