Great managers make great places to work, and they help organisations and people to grow and prosper. It is my mission to help managers be better at motivating their employees. I do this by researching widely on how to be more inspirational, and then writing books, or speaking at leadership events.

My talks and books are based on more than 100 CEO interviews, and research involving more than 4,000 senior managers, and 6,000 employees. I have authored four business books . The first three – “People with Purpose”, ”The Language of Leaders” , and “Communicate to Inspire”- have been published in many languages. My fourth, “Charismatic Leadership”, is now available. Scroll down for more information


You are honest and you have integrity. No doubt. That, however, is not the issue. The challenge you have to deal with is how to manage the inconsistencies that make you appear to be dishonest.Learn how to avoid the mistakes that make you seem to be dishonest to your employees  HERE:



Kevin Murray has written a powerful book packed with pointers on how each of us can improve our leadership effectiveness through becoming more charismatic in our own, personal way.

Fields Wicker-Miurin OBE, Co-founder and Partner, Leaders’ Quest
To thrive today you need people with purpose. This book shows you how effective leaders develop people with purpose. It’s not a book of theory…it’s a book of practice from the mouths of leaders who have done it. It’s a book I wish I could have read 30 years ago.

Lord Stuart Rose, Chairman of Ocado
Kevin Murray is among the most thoughtful and thought-provoking business thinkers now publishing books and articles.

Robert Morris, leadership commentator
This book should really come with a profit warning: reading it, embracing it and implementing the ideas could seriously impact positively on your organisations profits!

Sir Eric Peacock CMG DL
At our excellent evening at Mosimanns, I thought Kevin was utterly brilliant - coherent, thought provoking and very inspiring. I can't wait for his book so I can leverage its content at work. It was a priviledge to be there and I wish even more people heard it.

Global Insurance Executive
The feedback on your talk was, in a word, overwhelmingly, fabulous! You contributed greatly to the discussions that took place throughout the week, and already I have received no fewer than a half dozen e-mails from our programme participants indicating that your remarks about leadership have resonated greatly.

VP, Global Pharma Company
We have now had feedback from our conference attendees. When asked “What was your favourite session?” – hands down, your session received the most votes. Your presentation was highly motivating and gave very practical advice.

VP, Global Conference Company
Kevin serves up a secret sauce for 21st century business in a rich read that inspires and equips.

Valerie Keller, EY Beacon Institute
Kevin Murray was fantastic, very capitivating and useful discussion points. A superb conference.

The session with you stood out as the highlight of the 2 days. It got a lot of people thinking and I have heard your message around inspiration repeated a number of times since.

DELL senior managers conference.
I have just read one of the most inspirational leadership books for a long time. The Language of Leaders by Kevin Murray examines how top chief executives communicate to inspire, influence and achieve results.

Caroline Shaw, Chief Executive, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Charismatic Leadership
Charisma is fascinating. It can be used for good... or evil. It can be warped or it can be balanced. Managers with balanced charisma perform the best. My new book explains the five traits of charismatic leaders - and details the skills you can learn to be more influential and effective.
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You are honest and you have integrity. No doubt. That, however, is not the issue. The challenge you have to deal with is how to manage the inconsistencies that make […]
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FOURTH BOOK: "Charismatic Leadership"
My new book, "Charismatic Leadership", is about how to power up your charisma, in ways that will enable you to supercharge motivation in your team and lead them to perform at levels they never thought they were capable of. Says Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute: “Charisma is oft regarded as a ‘you’ve either got it or you haven’t’ kind of thing. Kevin Murray’s book shows how everyone can master the skills of charisma to boost their effectiveness, impact and enjoyment at work.”
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